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Vision & Mission

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Canadoil Vision

The business enterprise is a living platform acting as a motor central to the orbits of family, community, government, education and the environment. Continuous improvement in the quality of life for all stakeholders is realized by the innovative and persistent application of our core values with integrity and passion.

The Canadoil Mission Statement

  • Improve on the investment in, and development of, our People
  • Continuously improve Quality in every aspect of our business
  • Work as a Team
  • Ensure Unequivocal Communications via Standardized Processes to provide a clear understanding of expectations
  • Promote the living of our Corporate Culture,
    in accordance with our Core Values
  • Invest in Vertical, Horizontal and Geographic Growth as a One-Stop Shop for energy and infrastructure industries to improve opportunities for all stakeholders
  • Enhance the ability to influence our world through the Growth in Scale of our business