Clad & Weld Overlay

With our expertise and advanced technology, Canadoil can accurately manufacture our clad components. All components are fit and consistent in BASE material and cladding quality. They are matching in both internal diameter and material thickness. So, our customers have no problem in joining Canadoil clad components together onsite.

No need to resize, no need to waste time and resources in cutting and matching the sizes of clad components anymore.

Canadoil successfully manufactures clad products from...


  • Providing a long-life and highreliability corrosion resistance to harsh environment applications.
  • Very economical way to provide excellent corrosion resistance for steel structures without jeopardizing design thickness.
  • Mainly used for Small Quantities and Complex requirements.


  • Roll-bonded clad plates are the economical alternative to expensive high-alloy solid plates. The mechanical properties of the base material and the corrosion resistance of the cladding material result in an optimum combination.
  • Thinner wall thicknesses and better workability compared with solid plates.
  • Better surface compared with overlay welding.
  • More homogeneous bonding and a wider range of dimensions compared with explosion cladding.


  • Provides the most economical method of CRA protection.
  • Can be on seamless or welded pipes, small or large quantities.
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection, using the Backer material as strength portion.

Mechanical Bond Process

For information purpose only – Canadoil does not use this method