About us

We are an integrated manufacturer and supplier of customized pipes, fittings and solutions to major industry players across the energy and environmental value chain.

We manufacture a complete range of welded steel pipes, butt weld fittings, and pressure vessels. Our manufacturing platform allows us to retain full control of providing design and engineered solutions, spooling and piping systems.

Technical Capabilities

With more than 40 years of experience and using only high-quality equipment from industry leading suppliers, Canadoil can produce the most technically advanced made to order products in the industry. We have decades of experience in managing production of a wide range of specialized fittings and piping products comprised of as many as 100,000 different piping products.


To eliminate customer concerns for the quality of products, Canadoil is accredited and recognized by multiple independent industry standardization bodies including certification from ABS, ABSA, MSS, and  NQA. Canadoil has ISO certification for all facilities and approval from all end users in our target market.

Highly Reliable Products​

Canadoil has a well-established track record with highly rated multinational companies and long-term relationships with blue-chip customers including international oil & gas majors, engineering companies and utilities players.
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Economies of Scale

Canadoil has the ability to leverage shorter lead times, and competitive costing due to its long-standing supplier relationships as well as economies of scale by purchasing in volume.

Geographical Coverage

Canadoil has an extensive sales and service network to better serve the global nature of our customers.

Canadoil One-stop Service

We are a global provider of Integrated Piping Solutions with our unique One-Stop-Shop business model for piping solutions. This concept is a big advantage as it offers significantly reduced lead-times for end-users.