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As a global provider of integrated piping solutions, we provide full range of products and services including: pipes, fittings, pressure vessels, spooling, and coating.

One-Stop-Shop for piping solutions

Canadoil’s goal to provide value added solutions to our customers’ projects is our first priority. Our customers gain benefits from better control on supply chain management, to product quality, and cost. All of these benefits are contributed by way of our One-Stop-Shop concept. From manufacturing of piping components to fabricated products, from coating to quality testing and inspection, Canadoil has you covered.

One-Stop-Shop for piping solutions

Canadoil provides solutions as value-added services beyond just supplying piping parts

Full range of products and services including: pipe fittings, specialty welded pipe, headers, spooling, coating and engineering services


Design Engineering


Pipes & Fittings Manufacturing


Fabrication Spooling






  • Canadoil Logistics team is proud to be formed by a group of experienced, motivated and professional members with vast experience and proactive attitude. Since customer satisfaction is their main goal, and shipping is their passion, the result is the most cost-efficient and risk-free shipping option for our customers.
  • Canadoil Logistics has been collaborating with major reliable shipping Companies all over the world for more than 40 years. As a result, Canadoil is able to offer its customers highly competitive door-to-door transportation worldwide.
  • When a project-specific product, manufactured at Canadoil facilities, requires special transportation and handling due to its length, weight or both, Canadoil’s experienced team is able to find and apply the most effective solution.
  • Canadoil Logistics, through its proprietary shipment tracking system, offers on-line transfer of shipping documents and option to keep track of goods and related documentation efficiently.

Canadoil will meet and exceed our customers' expectations of service through timely communications and quality information.

Canadoil will accomplish our mission through our commitment to provide:

  • Excellent Service.
  • Value added service.
  • Continued innovation in technology.
  • Ongoing training and development of our team.

    With service as the base, technology as the tool and teamwork as the driving force, The Canadoil Logistics team uses all of its resources – every day, every load – to meet and exceed the needs of its customers.