Health, Safety, and Environment ("HSE")

Canadoil Health, Safety and Environment

Canadoil Commitment to Safety and our HSE Policy

With a strong commitment to create and maintain a safe & secure working environment at all our facilities for all of our stakeholders, Canadoil strives to achieve the highest quality in all areas.

Canadoil is constantly working to improve its safety performance. By continuously upgrading the physical conditions of our workplaces, investment in new technologies, infrastructure and maintenance, valued improvement and progress is clearly seen. Canadoil strives to ensure that we improve the attitudes and behavior relative to safety of each and every member of our most precious resources, our people. Innovative incentive programs that reward safe behavior are reviewed and monitored. Each of our plants holds regular safety meetings with managers and safety staff to discuss accidents and share ideas for improving safety. Daily tool box meetings with workers help ensure that the importance of safety in all our work places is clearly driven home.

Canadoil HSE Management System Overview

Canadoil HSE Benchmarks