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Canadoil offers any of below services separately or as a combined tailored package We adapt to our Clients needs and together find a best solution for their project

We like taking over the ownership and being accountable for the final product/service Why? That brings additional value to our customers

We perform 3D scanning & modelling services for our clients to fulfill 3 main objectives:

  • Obtain precise 3D CAD measurements and create Solidworks file based on the
    existing parts in order to remanufacture and/or optimize a design before
  • Provide an as-built drawing of the actual product that will be installed in their
    project, regardless if the product was built by Canadoil or third party.
  • Provide additional way of inspecting dimensions and confirming the tolerances.

Super high accuracy full external surface laser scanning with a proven capability to extend the object size to 100 feet.

3D Scaning Videos

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One-Stop-Shop Solution offering fabricated products with following maximum capacities:

  • Two Saw Welding Lines (Internal Welding Boom Reach): 6.5 meters
  • Maximum diameter: 160 inches
  • Maximum weight: 40 metric tons
  • Maximum length: 120 feet

Canadoil performs all the HT processes [Austenitization, Tempering, Normalizing] in its new facility in Canada.
This state-of-the art facility consists of two identical high precision large box furnaces and a large circular quench tank.

+/- 13F (7C) capability throughout 950-1850F (510-1010C).

Burners above and

Automatic Furnace pressure control for minimizing cold spots

120t Quench

1m/second laminar
flow for excellent uniformity


Coating and finishing of steel can have a major impact on its long term success.
Depending on the application, steel can be coated and finished to provide increased durability, enhanced chemical resistance and higher tarnish resistance among many other advantages.

We offer the following:

  • Spray Painting
  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
  • Polyethylene Coating
  • Polypropylene Coating
  • Thermal Spray Coating
    [Metalizing] using aluminum,
    zinc-aluminum alloy, Stainless,
    SS, or super alloys with 66 HRC
    and 10,000 psi bond strength
  • Weld-overlay cladding of pipes,
    flanges, fittings and valve bodies

Canadoil is equipped to provide coating and finishing service through our experienced in-house service or one of our leading sub-contractor partners.