Quality Assurance

Canadoil Quality

Non-Destructive & Destructive Testing

Within these pages are details of the Quality System Accreditations for the individual Canadoil Group companies. This includes most of the current and latest certificates from the official accreditation bodies from around the world.

Canadoil Forge Ltd has been certified, assessed and approved by National Quality Assurance, U.S.A., against the provisions of
ISO 9001:2015
for Quality Management System, applicable to: Manufacture of fittings in Carbon steel, Stainless steel and other alloys.

Canadoil Forge Ltd. is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 since 1999 from ANAB.

Canadoil Testing

Canadoil carries out all tests specified on the products supplied, in accordance with the international standards and customers’ specifications to ensure safety and reliability in service

Canadoil in-house non-destructive testing facilities include:

  • Hydrostatic Testing machine

  • Radiography testing using Gamma ray (Ir-192) RADIOGRAPHIC equipment

  • X-ray machines up to 320KV.

  • Three very large and safe RADIOGRAPHIC HALLS

  • Range of ULTRASONIC TESTING equipment, manual and automatic including fault detection and thickness measurement equipment.

  • Complete range of MAGNETIC PARTICLE TESTING facilities for carrying out Wet Dry, Visible, Fluorescent, AC-DC test.

  • Facilities for water washable, solvent removable, fluorescent and visible combination of LIQUID PENETRANT testing.

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) machine

  • Portable Hardness Testers: comparison testers, rebound methods

  • Ferritoscope for Delta ferrite determination

Canadoil destructive testing
facilities include:

  • Computer controlled Servo Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machines Capacity Range up to 100 tons

  • Charpy Impact Testing Machine up to 480J

  • Instrumented Drop weight tear tester up to 40,000J

  • Optical emission spectrometer, ferrous and non-ferrous metals

  • Bench Hardness Testers Capacity Range: HV 0.2 to 30 and HBN

Metallurgical Testing:

  • Metallurgical Microscopes

  • Metallographic Sampling Equipment

  • Micro Testing, Macro Testing