World class piping solutions provider to the energy & infrastructure industries

We are an integrated manufacturer of customized pipes, fittings, and tailor engineered piping solutions. We also specialize in made to order heavy steel fabrication serving major industrial players across the energy, renewables and infrastructure value chain.

We manufacture a complete range of 1) butt-weld fittings, 2) specialty large diameter welded steel pipes, 3) pre-fabricated headers & pipe spools. Our manufacturing platform allows us to retain full control in providing tailor designed and engineered solutions for spooling and custom piping systems.

From its origins in Northern Italy in the 1970s, Canadoil has grown into a leading player in the global steel piping industry. Our continuous desire to exceed customers needs and expectations fuels both our international expansion as well our daily business practices. From North America to Asia, from Europe to South America, from the Middle East to Australia our people are committed to the same objective: to make piping the easiest part of our customers complex projects.

As a global provider of integrated piping solutions, we provide a full range of products and services including: fittings, pipes, headers, spooling and coating.

Canadoil is the only global provider of Integrated Piping Solutions with its own unique One-Stop-Shop business model for piping solutions delivered directly to its customers, providing a great advantage to the customers in term of significantly reduced lead-times.